Fancy Jeep Wrangler With Unbelieavable Price Tag On eBay

Fancy Jeep Wrangler With Unbelieavable Price Tag On eBay

Jeep Wrangler is an offroad car, agree? it's normally get a little attention on the road, right? but, what about this one?

expensive Jeep Wrangler
Unbelievable Jeep Wrangler

After see another weird Stretched Jeep Wrangler, This one is looks make sense and it becoome something we need to know. this Jeep wrangler pictures are found on ebay, this jeep wrangler got some changes and it looks so fancy. i bet there are so many people will be pay more attention on it. it priced $60.000, expensive enough but it must be equal with the changes that is adopt in this car.

Voltron motor, the builder of this fancy wrangler modificates the hood, all front sides, wheels, suspension, interior, audio system and many others. the wheels colored blue and white, wrapped by large tires which is fits both on the road and off road. it's really nice matched with color of the body kits.

fox racing shockbreaker, holding side by side from the front to the back, from the left to the right. the navigation connected with apple CarPlay, also the speakers addopting Alpine.

it may make sense that this limited sport Jeep Wrangler costs $60,000 than the regular jeep wrangler which is priced starts from $23,000,

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